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In November 2012, North Queensland X-ray Services was
granted an unconditional MRI Medicare rebate licence by
the Health Insurance Commission.

We can now bulk bill MRI for:

  • All specialist referred medicare eligible scans
  • All general practitioner referred patients under the rapidly expanding GP referred medicare eligible MRI scheme

Interventional Procedures  Queensland
Interventional Procedures

Appointments and bulk billing now available (conditions apply)
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New CT Unit with dose reduction technology Queensland
New CT Unit with dose reduction technology

North Queensland X-ray Services is now offering the GE
128 slice Volumetric CT Scanner to your patients. This
unit uses iterative dose reduction techniques that offer
outstanding resolution with its microVoxel detector array.
It is also a much quieter experience for your patients.

Bone Mineral Density Queensland
Bone Mineral Densitometry

Our latest generation Bone Mineral Densitometry unit is now operational at 126 Mulgrave Road, Cairns. We can now perform body composition analysis as well as improving upon traditional fracture risk analysis.

  • Quicker scan times
  • Bulk billing for patients over 70 years
  • Bulk billing for patients meeting Medicare criteria